What makes you guys good?

With so much choice and so many WordPress hosting companies around, why should you work with us?

“Speaking with small business…people aren’t fussed too much on price if they can just get what they pay for, its reliable and they can contact support when they need.  Also hearing that clients were just being sent from one company to another and being hand balled, as a different one looked after their domain, someone else for your website and someone else for hosting… we thought it was about time to make it easier, it really doesn’t need to be that difficult”.
Rodney Ferro

After being 20 years in the website design, development & digital marketing game Jason Hulme and Rodney Ferro formed WP Sparks.

Say hello to some of the team

We love working with small business and those that are looking for a better experience for their WordPress website.  May that be speed, reliability and/or good customer service.  At WP Sparks our team are continuously improving and striving for better each day…this is done through feedback from our customers and us improving systems and processes based on better customer satisfaction!

Jason Hulme

Co-founder | Director of Infrastructure & Support

Jason Hulme started in the digital space in 1999 and is an expert in website programming, server architecture, ecommerce, integration, and online strategy. He has worked with a range of customers from government, not for profit, medium and small business.

Rodney Ferro

Co-founder | Digital Marketing Strategist

Rodney Ferro is the co-founder of WP Sparks and the managing director of PN Digital . He has been working in the digital marketing industry for over 20 years and during that time he has worked with a number of national and international brands and companies providing strategy and consulting services.

Lauren Leveque

Account Manager

Troy Delosa

Support Desk