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Managed WordPress Hosting Australia

WP Sparks provides managed WordPress hosting for Australian and New Zealand businesses. Our hosting platform is ideal for busy business owners who want a fast, reliable and easy website hosting solution.

Speed up your site

Content distribution network and caching options to speed up your load times.

Daily Backups

Daily backups of your website to ensure you don't lose important data.

Instant Security

SSL Certification is included in all hosting packages for no additional cost.

Support in Australia

Our experienced support team is located in Melbourne to help you.

WordPress Hosting Solutions

Our product is for people who want to combine website hosting with website maintenance and feel confident that their site is being looked after. We are an Australian-based team located in Melbourne; our support staff are all directly employed by WP Sparks - we do not use call centres, so getting in touch with us is quick and stress-free.

Reliable Support

Our ‘Plus’ packages include a monthly development allowance that means if something breaks, then we fix it.

Fast Service

WP Sparks customers receive fast support within Australian business hours from our local Melbourne-based team.

Help Desk

Got a question or need to submit a support ticket? Simply email to submit a request.

WordPress Services

Need something done on your website? Purchase our Support Tasks to get the job done quickly and without hidden fees.

WordPress hosting, website maintenance and website updates.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a product that combines website hosting (that has been optimised specifically for WordPress sites) with website maintenance/management. We have a number of hosting packages available to select from with options that include updating your plugins and managing the security of your website, as well as options that include additional website updates and programming.

We have a number of different managed WordPress hosting packages available to choose from, designed to suit the requirements of your site, budget and business.

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All of our hosting packages include:

WP Hosting
Hosting in an environment built and customised for WordPress websites
Daily Backups
Have confidence your site is being looked after
3 Environments
Up to 3 hosting environments for staging, development and production
Fast Loading
CDN and caching options ensure your site loads quickly
SSL Certification
Secure your website for no additional cost

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What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a hosting plan that includes some basic website management tasks such as plugin updates and regular backups. We have put a detailed article together about this topic which you can view here.

Why do I need managed WordPress hosting?

WordPress websites use something called ‘plugins’ to add additional features and functionalities to your site. Almost every single WordPress website uses at least a couple of plugins to add contact forms, maps, social media feeds and other features to your site. These plugins need to be updated regularly – not updating them is a security risk and can lead to your website getting hacked. If you are not logging into your website and updating the plugins regularly, then you should consider getting a hosting plan that includes a plugin update service.

How do I migrate my WordPress website to WP Sparks?

We can take care of that for you – you’ll simply need to provide us with login details for your existing hosting provider and website and we will ensure that the website and all of its contents are migrated across to your new WP Sparks hosting account. You can learn more about migrating a WordPress website here.

How does WordPress hosting work?

The WP Sparks hosting environment has been built specifically to host WordPress websites. Using a hosting service dedicated to WordPress websites ensures your site can run optimally, with efficiencies in speed and page load time that you won’t see with other hosting providers. For more information on how hosting works, check out our article WordPress hosting for beginners here.

How much does WordPress hosting cost?

WP Sparks offers some of the most competitive pricing options for WordPress hosting, starting at just $35/month. We also offer two free months when you pay for your hosting annually. Find more information about our hosting packages and pricing here.

Is WordPress hosting my site?

No, WordPress is not hosting your website. WordPress does partner with some hosting providers, however they are third party hosting providers. WordPress does host personal blogs, but if you wish to have a business website with a business domain name then you will need to organise a website hosting account.

Does WP Sparks provide WordPress hosting with SSL certification?

Yes. While many other hosting companies charge an additional fee for your SSL certification, we include it as standard with all of our website hosting packages.

Can I set up a staging / testing environment with WP Sparks?

Yes. Your hosting package comes with 3 environments – one for live, and two for staging / development, so that you can make updates or test new plugins without affecting your live website.

Do you provide email hosting?

No, WP Sparks does not provide email hosting. Our servers are optimised to host WordPress websites and nothing else. You will need to organise your own email hosting, however our team can assist you in setting up business email through Google’s Gsuite if required.