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Site health reports can provide you with valuable insight into the health and performance of your WordPress website.

Site health reports are included in our managed WordPress hosting services because we care about the continual improvement and viability of your site. We don’t just want to host your site; we want it to perform. Depending on your needs, we can provide weekly or monthly site audits, with varying levels of developer assistance available to help you tackle site issues as they occur.

Importance of site health reports:

Traditionally, speed testing and Google Analytics have been the benchmark for observing site performance, but they don’t always give you a complete view of what’s happening with the health of your website. Site health reports provide some of the best insights that you’ll ever get; they provide you with detailed feedback about speed and performance as well as technical issues, user experience and more. A good site health report will prioritise issues that deserve the most attention, ensuring you tackle the most important issues first.

It is also important to have regular site health audits so that you pick up on any new issues quickly – before Google or other search engines discover them. At WP Sparks, we provide our clients with site health reports that are generated using SEMrush, a reputable third-party service relied on by agencies and businesses of all sizes around the world.

Why SEMrush?

SEMrush is one of the most extensive website analysis tools available on the market. With easy to read audit reports and versatility, we have found it to be the perfect choice for providing information to our clients on the health of their site. No matter what your level of technical proficiency is, we are sure you’ll find SEMrush reports to be invaluable in determining the direction of your site.

In addition to general issues affecting your site, SEMrush site audits analyse each and every page for faults that can impact your site speed and useability. They look more than 120 variables, with constant improvements continually being developed.

Site performance issues that SEMrush flags can include:

  • HTTPS / SSL certificate faults
  • Content issues, including javascript and CSS faults
  • Redirect issues
  • Inefficient image / media sizing
  • Toxic linking
  • Hreflang tag problems
  • Speed faults
  • Security faults
  • SEO faults
  • AMP implementation faults

Toxic Backlink Reports:

Toxic links are sites from spammy, unsecure sites designed to temporarily build SEO backlinking at the cost of future detriment to your SEO health. The content they use is often written by robots, and although receiving a link from them to your site isn’t necessarily your fault, Google still punishes your site for it. SEMrush reports provide a neat list of toxic backlinks from dodgy sites, allowing you to quickly analyse their quality and disavow them with Google Search Console in a few clicks.

Keyword Tracking Reports:

In addition to the site health and toxic backlink reports, we will also send you regular keyword tracking reports. Tracking the performance of specific keywords in Google Analytics can often be difficult but our keyword tracking reports not only show you the position of each term, but they can also show you how you are performing compared to your competition.

Combining Site Health Reports with your WP Sparks developer hours:

With each of our Managed WordPress Hosting Packages, you receive varying amounts of time from a WP Sparks developer. This allows us to ensure everything is running smoothly with your site and tackle routine issues. Your developer hours are also fantastic for continually improving your site speed and SEO scores in your site health reports.

If there are technical issues you don’t understand or aren’t comfortable with solving yourself, using your allocated developer hours on them is the perfect way to keep improving your site.

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